PA bargaining: little movement from the employer

The PA bargaining team returned to the bargaining table from November 1-9, 2016, only to find the employer’s mandate was largely unchanged.

Some gains

Our team was pleased to make progress on improved language for bereavement and family related responsibility leave and on disciplinary meetings.

The employer also partially addressed both the proposals for an improved allowance for compensation advisors and the harmonization of allowances for our members who work in federal prisons.

Allowances: falling short

Despite some progress, the employer’s move on each of the allowances falls short of what the union is trying to achieve for members. On other critical proposals, such as changes to the definition of family, union leave, term employees, and contracting out, there has been no response at all.

Sick leave

We continue to seek improvements to the current sick leave regime. We’ve made some progress over the last session on this issue. The Employer has proposed a Memorandum of Agreement to deal with sick leave, in order to allow for discussion. We have been very clear that any discussion must respect our principles. Our principles with regard to sick leave remain the same – it must be contained in the collective agreement, it must provide for wage replacement, sick leave banks must be preserved and there must be no third party provider.


So far the government has refused to address our key proposals with regard to the Workforce Adjustment Appendix. Given the stress and turmoil that many PSAC members faced during the four-year period of public sector cuts and layoffs, we want to ensure that WFA operates in a fair, transparent and impartial manner.


PSAC has suggested further bargaining with the assistance of a mediator.  

Please stay tuned for further developments and visit for more updates.



November 16, 2016