Occupational Group Structure: classification reform process

For more than 20 years, PSAC has called on the federal government to reform its outdated system, which still uses classification plans from the 1960s to evaluate the work our members perform.

PSAC believes that the current system cannot be fixed without a review of the broader occupational group structure. In November 2008, PSAC and Treasury Board negotiated a collective agreement that includes a commitment by the employer to engage in a process of meaningful consultation with the union on occupational group structure, beginning with the Program and Administrative Services (PA) bargaining unit. This language means that Treasury Board must work with us to develop a new classification system that will evaluate and compensate all of our members fairly and equitably for the important work they do.

Given the large number of employees and different classifications, the reform process is complex and will take time. The first stage – a review of the occupational group structure in the PA group – began in January 2012. The process will then move to the other employee groups. Throughout all of this, PSAC will be working with Treasury Board to develop fair and accurate classification standards.


July 24, 2013