Asian Heritage Month: Terri’s story

Terri Lee first got involved with the union through her workplace health and safety committee and received some union education. Not long after, she became president of her local and was running her first strike during the 1991 PSAC strike, the largest national strike held by a single union.

Terri has held various positions of leadership within the union. She was the president of a PSAC Agriculture Union local, the First Vice-President of the Vancouver Area Council, the Racially Visible Coordinator of the PSAC B.C. Regional Council, among other positions during her long involvement with the union.

She is currently the Regional Vice-President of the Agriculture Union for western B.C. and Yukon, as well as the Metro Vancouver Coordinator on the PSAC B.C. Regional Council and a member of the PSAC Vancouver Area Council executive. She has been a member of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) bargaining team in many rounds of bargaining, including the current one.

There are many things that Terri is proud of as a PSAC activist, but one event in particular sticks to mind. It was when she organized a mobilization barbecue at her workplace thinking that only a few union members would participate. She worked hard to promote the event and organized some great speakers. On the day of the event, about 200 members showed up, and they ran out of hot dogs.

She loves gardening and volunteers with the Vancouver Green Streets gardening, which is similar to guerrilla gardening on public land. She’s also a staunch environmentalist and was the former Chair of the B.C. Environment Committee of the PSAC B.C. Regional Council. She promotes environmental sustainability even in her personal life by cycling to work daily, driving an electric vehicle and recycling waste as much as possible.

Events in Asian Canadian History

Asian Heritage Month is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the long and rich history of Canadians of Asian heritage and their contributions to Canada. PSAC encourages members to learn about the legacy and contributions of Canadians of Asian descent, such as:

May 29, 2019