New Minister of Veterans Affairs should reopen offices

Julian Fantino has been replaced as Minister of Veterans Affairs, almost a year after he  disrespected and ignored a group of veterans who had come to Ottawa to ask the government to stop the closure of nine veterans’ affairs offices.

“Leaving Fantino in the job for this long is a clear indication of the Conservative government’s lack of respect for veterans,” says national president Robyn Benson.

Under Fantino’s leadership, veterans have had more and more trouble accessing benefits as staff and offices were cut. Meanwhile the department spends millions on advertising and lets budgeted funds lapse.

“I call on the new Minister, Erin O’Toole, to re-open the offices that were closed and to address the many problems veterans are facing,” says Benson.

“The Conservatives need to prove that replacing Fantino with Minister O’Toole is more than just a pre-election tactic to try to placate veterans.”


January 5, 2015