NAV CANADA bargaining kicks off today

Our NAV CANADA bargaining team meets with the employer December 12 – 15, 2017 as negotiations for a new collective agreement begin. Our new bargaining team was nominated at the NAV CANADA Bargaining Conference, which took place in October, and consists of:

  • Sheri Campeau
  • Michelle Webster
  • Michelle Timmerman
  • Suzanne Dupuis (1st Alternate)
  • Michael McCullough (2nd Alternate)
  • Steve McCarthy (3rd Alternate)

They will be joined at the bargaining table by Larry Gagnon, PSAC Negotiator, Janson LaBond, PSAC Research Officer, Chris Bussey (UCTE Regional Vice-President – Atlantic) and Greg McGillis (PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President - National Capital Region).

Stay tuned for an update of what took place at that bargaining table this week.



December 12, 2017