National Racially Visible Members' Conference workshops

1.Organizing an effective movement

To bring about effective change, racially visible members need to be engaged and involved in their workplaces, unions and communities. This workshop will provide tools to motivate our members to work with community activists and take action on issues that affect our communities.


2.Impact of systemic and structural racism in our workplaces

Racism exists today, even though we have systems and processes such as human rights and employment equity legislation to address it. This workshop will examine how racism in society (e.g. justice system, immigration, education, political systems, etc.) continues to create barriers and impacts career opportunities for racially visible workers.


3.Employment equity: are we there yet?

Racialized people are under-represented and under-employed in workplaces and have higher levels of poverty and unemployment than non-racialized people. This workshop will examine the representation and career opportunities for racially visible workers (e.g. hiring, promotions, retention and training). It will provide tools and strategies (e.g. employment equity) that will increase the representation of racially visible workers.  It will also provide tools on lobbying and taking political action on employment equity.


4.Combatting racism, discrimination and harassment in the workplace

This workshop will examine racism in the workplace. It will provide tools and strategies to address workplace racism, discrimination and harassment including union processes and structures. It will also examine the impact of the racism, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.



July 26, 2017