National Pride Conference workshops

9.What’s in a name?

Words have been used to shame us and to marginalize us. And words are now used to reclaim our experiences, and make our reality visible. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, Two-Spirited, intersex:  this workshop will explore how participants identify and why. Different generations have claimed different names: together we will explore our shared history and discuss our common ground.


10.Equity at work

The Pride community is not included in the federal Employment Equity Act: how can we ensure that workplaces are inclusive and safe? This workshop will explore different strategies to ensure that we are fully included, recognized and respected in the workplace.


11. Ageing and discrimination against the GLBT community

After having been out for decades, many older GLBT persons are forced back into the closet when they enter retirement homes or palliative care facilities. The increasing privatization of these services is a threat to the quality of the services, and the respect for older people’s human rights. This workshop will look at what is at stake when we are “out” in our communities, and what we can do to support the elders in our Pride community.


12.Defending trans members’ rights in the workplace 

This is a training session that will help participants better understand the trans experience. It will help shop stewards and other activists better understand their role when a member transitions. We will review the employer’s responsibilities, as well as collective agreement language that protects trans workers. The workshop will provide basic knowledge and tools to properly represent a transitioning members.



July 26, 2017