National Defence cuts critical services

Almost two hundred more civilian staff at the Department of National Defence were given notices today that their jobs might be cut. The Department sent notices today to 179 of its workers; most of those (147) were in Montreal, with others in Quebec City, Halifax, St. John’s, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton. Quebec has been the hardest hit by the DND cuts so far.

Many of the workers do specialized vehicle maintenance on army vehicles, for example, fixing tanks and armoured personnel carriers. These vehicles are then sent overseas to transport Canadian troops. “This is front line specialized repair work,” said John MacLennan, President of the Union of National Defence Employees, “cuts are being made to crucial services, not ‘back office’ work, and the workers are specialized in their fields. How will this work continue to be done ensuring the same level and quality as before?”

“Once again, the department has not been transparent as to how many jobs will be eliminated, the rationale, or what the impact on services to the CF will be. This government has to stop looking at cuts to valuable, skilled public service employees to meet their budgetary needs.”

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September 26, 2013