More cuts at Immigration and Refugee Board despite need for crisis response

PSAC members working at the Immigration and Refugee Board office in Calgary were recently told that their jobs will be abolished. The IRB is making these cuts despite the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis and calls for Canada to do more.

Out of the seven positions at the Registry in the Calgary office, six are being eliminated.  These employees provide assistance to members of the IRB who make decisions regarding refugee claims.

There was no prior consultation with the union before this decision was made. Union representatives from the Canada Employment and Immigration Union (CEIU), a component of the PSAC, met with the department this week and expressed concerns with these cuts. Unfortunately, management ignored the union’s concerns and went ahead with their plans.

“This move is premature and insensitive, given the current Syrian refugee crisis,” said CEIU President Marco Angeli, “We are firmly opposed to any reduction or cuts to the IRB, especially right now when it is clear that more resources are needed, not more cuts.”

PSAC has called on the government to bring in more Syrian refugees and to commit the necessary resources so Canada can adequately respond to this crisis.



September 17, 2015