Minister Foote finally agrees to meet PSAC after repeated requests

A recent media story wrongly suggested PSAC had never asked for a meeting with Minister Foote. We have contacted the Minister’s office and they agree this was an error and confirmed we have requested a meeting. 

“We have been asking Minister Foote repeatedly for a meeting for several months,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson. “Up to now, it appears she hasn’t found the Phoenix issue urgent enough to see us.”

“I have now received a call from the Minister’s office to arrange a meeting for August 19,” said Benson. “We will be taking the opportunity to let the Minister know just how devastating the effects of the Phoenix implementation have been on our members and demand that problems in the system be addressed on an urgent basis.”

On June 7, the Deputy Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada’s chief of staff contacted PSAC National Executive Vice-President Chris Aylward by email, advising him that she had been able to contact the Minister who had agreed to meet with him. Aylward later confirmed we were waiting for their call to confirm a date and time.

Aylward then sent a priority letter to Minister Foote on June 14, reiterating that PSAC was prepared to meet with her at her earliest convenience. On June 17, the Minister’s office called to follow up but did not set a date.

Over a month later, there had been no further contact from the Minister’s office about the meeting. Another priority letter was sent to the Minister on August 4, this time by National President Benson.

The Minister’s office finally called on August 9 to arrange the August 19 meeting.


August 10, 2016