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Dear Minister Duclos,

It’s been 4 years. Tell Trudeau to compensate Canada’s public service workers for damages done by the Phoenix pay disaster.

For four years, we showed up to work every day without knowing if we would get paid. We showed up for Canadians by protecting our borders, ensuring food safety, and providing the financial assistance that seniors, families, and others rely on.

Despite our dedication, your government has stubbornly kept fair compensation and working conditions out of reach. PSAC members—140,000 Canadian workers—are still without a new collective agreement or compensation for damages from the ongoing Phoenix pay disaster.

Your government's negligence has forced us towards greater workplace action, up to and including a strike.

As we return to the bargaining table, we ask that your government be prepared to:

  1. Offer appropriate compensation for Phoenix damages to be paid equitably in cash; not just a few meagre days of leave.
  2. Negotiate a collective agreement that delivers both fair wage increases, and the working conditions that make balancing family and work possible.

It would be to the benefit of your minority government and all Canadians to ensure a stable and effective public service.

Minister, your party committed to “build a stronger public service” during the recent election. This is your opportunity to do that.

Canada’s public service workers

November 14, 2019