Lots of talk, little progress at EB bargaining

Our EB bargaining team met face-to-face with the employer three times this week, with discussions centering on the following:


We reiterated the need for significant changes to the Workforce Adjustment Appendix in this round of bargaining. 

Our demands seek to make the rules more transparent and reduce the significant anxiety the process causes workers.

We are also looking to preserve and improve public services, enhance protections against involuntary departures and ensure that seniority is recognized.

Sick leave

We addressed the ongoing sick leave issue this week by stating that we continue to seek either a renewal or improvements to the current sick leave regime. We made it clear that any improvements would need to be contained in the collective agreement. We reiterated that the underlying purpose of a sick leave system is to ensure that workers are not forced to choose between going to work sick or collecting a pay cheque.

Other discussions we had this week include:

  • Review of outstanding proposals from both parties
  • Language on l egal indemnification, for the protection of our members while performing work duties
  • Our proposals on court leave and union leave of alliance business
  • Signed off on the article regarding Religious Observance
  • The importance of resolving the 12 month teachers’ pay study once and for all and to reflect a current reality for their wages.

Our bargaining team will keep you informed throughout this process. Check our national website and our different social media platforms.

More importantly, talk to your colleagues about your work contract and the benefits and protections you are receiving. Please participate in any upcoming information sessions or mobilization activities in your region. More details to follow via our website or PSAC regional offices.

Get involved in spreading the word so we can keep the pressure on the employer and fight back against their demand for concessions.

We will meet again with the employer in April 2016.



March 11, 2016