Joint Task Force on Mental Health releases second report

  Members of the Technical Committee and the Steering Committee on Mental Health in the Workplace (left to right): Sandra Guttmann, Barbara Carswell (back); Hilary Flett (front); Brenda Baxter; Bob Kingston; Caroline Curran; Anne Marie Smart; Robyn Benson; Ron Cochrane (back); Denis St-Jean (back); Stephanie Priest; Mariane Small.

PSAC welcomed the release of a second report by the Joint Task Force on Mental Health today. The task force, made up of an equal number of union and employer representatives, has a long-term focus of improving mental health in the workplace. The second report provides specific direction to federal public service organizations in key areas to help guide these efforts. 

“The release of the Joint Task Force’s second report demonstrates our shared commitment to the important issue of mental health in the workplace,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President. “The Public Service Alliance of Canada believes the next steps will be crucial as we seek to implement concrete strategies to promote better workplace practices when dealing with mental health issues.”

The Task Force was created in collective bargaining between PSAC and Treasury Board. Its first report was released in December 2015.



May 30, 2016