Important information about the Phoenix compensation claims process

Fix Phoenix

The Phoenix pay system has created serious financial consequences and significant stress for many federal public service workers.

In the wake of our campaign to #FixPhoenix, the government has agreed to compensate public service workers for Phoenix-related losses.

If you have incurred out-of-pocket expenses because of incomplete or inaccurate pay with Phoenix, you can file a claim.

Not satisfied with Phoenix Claims Process? Do not sign departmental release

We are advising members not to sign any departmental release form if they are unsatisfied with the result of the Phoenix claims process, as this may affect their right to grieve.

Any member who has concerns or questions about a departmental release form should contact their union representative immediately.

Important: keep your records

It is important to keep all receipts and documents for any out-of-pocket expenses that you have incurred because of Phoenix-related pay problems.


October 25, 2016