Greening our Convention

Climate change, global warming and the protection of our environment are union issues. We have both the opportunity and the responsibility to make a difference.

Conventions, conferences and meetings all have an impact on our environment. We can help reduce this impact by putting in place some environmentally-friendly practices.  Right from the pre-planning process, the PSAC has tried to create a more sustainable Convention to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. From reducing the paper used and the materials we distribute to using high post-consumer paper, we are making a difference.

During the Convention, all participants can also help further the goal of greening our Convention by just doing a few things that make a difference such using the water bottles which have been provided as part of the Convention kit at water stations with clean public water which will be set up at various locations in the Convention hall, by recycling, by re-using materials and items and making use of shuttle services which have been scheduled as part of this Convention.

The Convention location also helps to further our greening goals as The Metro Toronto Convention Centre holds a strong commitment to being an environmentally conscious facility and has been recognized as an outstanding example of a ‘green’ facility.

We will invite participants during the week of Convention to share some of their greening initiatives not just for events but also in their communities and at home.

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September 11, 2017