Green light given for major campaign to address precarious work

A growing number of our members are employed in atypical and precarious jobs that lack stability, regular scheduling, and provide substandard or no benefits and pensions.

Delegates mandated PSAC to launch a campaign that will

  • work to stop the abuse of term positions which should be staffed indeterminately
  • lobby provincial/territorial and federal governments to ensure these workers enjoy the same legislative and social protections as other workers
  • advocate for fair and just working conditions for workers in precarious jobs in the public service and with other employers.

Organizing and inclusion among other resolutions adopted

Other decisions by the Convention delegates include:

  • Reaffirming the union’s commitment to organize the unorganized.
  • Using the term LGBTQ2+ to provide greater inclusivity and better describe a broad spectrum of PSAC members.
  • Fully funding all delegates to triennial regional conventions and adopting a consistent delegate entitlement formula for all regions. The formula allows for representation from every Local and Directly Chartered Local, as well as representation from Regional Women’s, Human Rights and Equity committees, and includes Regional Council members and Component National Officers.
  • Giving the Alliance Executive Committee the discretion to allow a regional executive vice-president to work in the PSAC regional office that is closest to their current home.
  • Encouraging delegates to the convention to use public transit, e.g. buses, or to car pool when the distance allows, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.
May 2, 2018