Government confirms repeal of C-59 division 20, PSAC still pushing on Bill C-4

Late last week, in response to urgent correspondence from National President Robyn Benson, the Chief Human Resources Officer for Treasury Board Anne-Marie Smart, confirmed in writing that the Government of Canada intends to repeal Division 20 of Bill C-59

In the interim, the Government says it will not exercise the powers given to it by the Bill to unilaterally implement a disability and sick leave management system. 

The PSAC welcomes this news but is deeply concerned that the federal Liberal government has not made a similar commitment with respect to repealing the changes made to labour law by the previous Conservative government’s Bill C-4

Bill C-4 undermines the constitutional rights of federal public service employees to collective bargaining, including the right to strike. It also gives government negotiators an unfair advantage at the bargaining table.  

To date, Treasury Board President Scott Brison has committed only to engage in consultations on Bill C-4 with "public sector partners."  

PSAC is challenging the constitutionality of Bill C-4 in the courts but wants the Government of Canada to fix the problem itself rather than spend citizens' money on costly litigation.  

The PSAC is also calling on the government to engage in fair collective bargaining and work with us to achieve a collective agreement that will strengthen public services for all Canadians.



January 25, 2016