FB team raises health and safety issues in bargaining

Union also proposes expedited grievance process

This past week (January 12 through 15) our FB bargaining team met with Treasury Board/CBSA representatives to continue talks for a new collective agreement.  In negotiations, our team made a number of proposals geared towards making CBSA a much better place to work.

Our FB team joined other PSAC bargaining teams in proposing improvements to the Health and Safety provisions of our collective agreement.  Our proposals address the changes made by C-4 legislation that removed or weakened significant sections of the Canada Labour Code, and include protections against discipline for refusing dangerous work and provide much greater emphasis on the role of Health and Safety committees in CBSA workplaces. We are also proposing to address mental health issues at CBSA via the implementation of recommendations contained in the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

We also tabled language that would help to expedite the grievance process.

Inland enforcement issues, sick leave, child care

Our team also reminded CBSA that our union is opposed to the contracting out of our work, including duties performed by Inland Enforcement Officers, and that the law prohibits any unilateral changes to matters being negotiated at the bargaining table. The government’s position remains unchanged with respect to sick leave. Our team again reiterated our rejection of the government’s proposed short term disability plan. 

Our child care demand proposes the development of solutions to workplace child care, such as reversing the policy shift towards charging rent to child care centres in federal government buildings, as well as identifying other accessible community options and making these solutions available to workers.

We are scheduled to return to bargaining in March.



January 16, 2015