FB team pushing for ‘25 and Out’ pension commitment

CBSA is a law enforcement agency. Officers working at CBSA should be afforded the same pension benefit as other enforcement workers.

In negotiations this week with Treasury Board/Canada Border Services Agency, the FB bargaining team reiterated our objective to get a commitment that will support an early retirement plan similar to what is in place for other federal law enforcement personnel. In light of the work that we do, and the employer’s legal duty to accommodate, we believe that such a retirement arrangement is not only in the interest of employees of the FB group, but also the Agency.

Day Workers

There are a number of locations across the country where CBSA management has been revoking or canceling compressed work weeks and flexible working arrangements – from Inland Enforcement to Trade Compliance and Hearings Officers. Our team discussed again the need for our new contract to provide new protections in this area.


Our team reminded management that the employer cannot make unilateral changes without first gaining the union’s consent. Consequently, we notified the employer that should the Agency attempt to contract out work associated with VACIS and HCVM, we will contact our legal counsel.     

Student Work

We made proposals that would require the union to be involved in the assigning of student work and protect union jobs from being held by students.

Sick Leave

We addressed the ongoing sick leave issue this week by stating that we continue to seek either a renewal or improvements to the current sick leave regime. We made it clear that any improvements would need to be contained in the collective agreement. We reiterated that the underlying purpose of a sick leave system is to ensure that workers are not forced to choose between going to work sick or collecting a pay cheque.

Work Force Adjustment

We reiterated the need for significant changes to the Workforce Adjustment Appendix in this round of bargaining.  Our demands seek to make the rules more transparent and reduce the significant anxiety the process causes workers. We are also looking to preserve and improve public services, enhance protections against involuntary departures and ensure that seniority is recognized.

Our next round of bargaining is scheduled for the week of April 11th. Stay informed by visiting psacunion.ca/fb



March 10, 2016