FB Group: We will defend our rights

With the introduction of the Budget Implementation Act last week, the Harper Government is attacking our rights and the sick leave provisions provided under our collective agreement.

Attacks on collective bargaining, pensions

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that collective bargaining is protected by the Charter.  As law enforcement officers, we are told in training that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms supersedes all. And yet now the government is attempting to take away our Charter rights.

Over the past four years, our terms and conditions of employment have been under attack by the Conservative government. We now pay more out of pocket for our pension plan. As law enforcement, we should be able to retire after 25 years without penalty. Under the government’s changes to the pension, new officers now have to work longer to access pension benefits. Year after year they have cut funding and hundreds of jobs from CBSA. Now they want our sick leave. What’s next? 

CBSA denying rights

CBSA management has been unilaterally denying vacation leave across the country. We are short staffed at virtually every office. CBSA – with the government’s support – is replacing more and more officers with machines at airports and compromising our national security. CBSA is attempting to harass accommodated officers at ports across Canada.

Enough is Enough. We will defend our rights.

Taking action

PSAC is taking legal action over the government’s latest attack. CIU and PSAC will also be organizing actions at locations across the country in the coming weeks in support of our right to collective bargaining. And in support of achieving a fair contract with TreasuryBoard/CBSA.  

Branch Presidents and local union representatives will be in communication with union members as events unfold. For more information, speak to your local union representative. Now is the time for us to stand together in solidarity.





May 13, 2015