FB bargaining update: wages and hours of work dominate discussions


In bargaining we re-iterated our position with respect to compensation. CBSA is a law enforcement agency and employees should be compensated accordingly.

Astonishingly, the government asked about whether there are recruitment and retention problems at CBSA. We pointed out that recruitment and retention problems are so significant that CBSA has created YouTube recruitment videos and are asking officers to hand out recruitment pamphlets at colleges and in the general public.

Our team made it clear that CBSA should be advocating for appropriate wages and working conditions for its staff, and that we have no interest in a settlement that doesn’t address the lack of parity between CBSA workers and those at other federal law enforcement agencies. We expect a response when we meet next.      

Hours of work, shift work and compressed work weeks

This past week, we discussed our proposals to enhance rights and protections for shift workers, including the elimination of potential ‘6 and 2’ schedules being implemented by management. We are also raised our demand for fairer rules with respect to employees having the opportunity to relocate to different ports. When it comes to day workers, we again reiterated our proposal to introduce protections against management unilaterally revoking compressed work weeks.

We indicated to management that we are ready to meet again and are expecting answers from them on key issues that we’ve raised in this round of bargaining, including our proposals on telework and enhancement of protections for front-line officers in the context of firearm recertification and control defence tactics training.

For more information concerning FB negotiations, be sure to visit psacunion.ca/fb.



September 16, 2016