FB bargaining: Submissions to the Public Interest Commission

With the Public Interest Commision (PIC) mediation attempt having failed in October, our FB bargaining team proceeded to hearing on November 2, 6 and 23 at the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Employment Board (FPSLREB). Over the course of these three days our bargaining team made our case for compensation parity with other law enforcement agencies across Canada, including other federal agencies under the Ministry of Public Safety. We also made the case – repeatedly – that there are serious problems at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and that in light of these, we seek new rights for employees particularly as they pertain to discipline, hours of work and arming. CBSA management is not to be trusted. We need new protections.

See below for PSAC’s written submissions to the Public Interest Commission for the FB group.



December 19, 2017