FB bargaining: PSAC opposes CBSA’s part-timer initiative

Recently, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced a planned change to its part-time policy. PSAC-CIU has made clear that it is opposed to such changes. At the bargaining table, our position is to improve job and income security for PSAC-CIU members at CBSA. An increase in part-time employment runs contrary to this objective. 

Despite this, CBSA has indicated that it will proceed with the implementation of its plan and increase part-time employment at CBSA.

In negotiations, our PSAC-CIU Bargaining Team for the FB group has made proposals to Treasury Board and CBSA concerning shift work, scheduling and part-time work.   

The law says that all matters subject to negotiation are frozen until such time as the parties reach a new agreement, are in a legal strike position, or until an arbitration award is issued. This means that our current terms and conditions are frozen. The same rules also apply with respect to changes that could have a direct impact on matters under negotiation or potentially subject to negotiation.

CBSA cannot make unilateral changes without negotiation

PSAC legal counsel has contacted Treasury Board to request that the CBSA and TB cease from implementing these changes. Should the employer proceed, we will file an unfair labour practice complaint with the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board.

CBSA management cannot do whatever it wants. We will uphold our rights.

We will be sure to update as things progress. Please contact your CIU Branch President with any questions.






May 16, 2017