FB bargaining: our right to free collective bargaining must be respected

We uphold the Charter. We deserve nothing less.

This week was our FB bargaining team’s first week in negotiations with Treasury Board and CBSA under the new government.

We will not trade away sick leave

Treasury Board negotiators tabled a proposal similar to that of the previous Conservative government, that would replace our existing sick leave plan. It takes away existing rights and leaves members worse off. The proposed short term disability plan would fall outside of the collective agreement and allow the government to make unilateral changes any time.

We remain open to improvements on sick leave but we will not negotiate concessions or agree to any proposal that forces members to choose between losing pay or going to work sick.

Bill C4

At the outset, we reiterated PSAC’s position that the new government must repeal Bill C-4 imposed by the Harper government. C-4 removed our right to strike and imposed unfair arbitration rules. It is unconstitutional legislation and we will ensure that our rights are respected.

Technological change, firearm practice and “tool-up time” discussed

We put forward proposals to protect against the elimination of officer positions due to the introduction of technological change. We explained that ABC machines and the chronic increase in remote reporting is putting public safety at risk. We made proposals in response. We also made proposals that ensure officers have access to firearm practice on work time and that time spent tooling-up and tooling-down is considered work time. 

Compressed work week, day worker issues

Many workers in the FB bargaining unit are not subject to VSSA’s. These include Trade Compliance, Intelligence, Investigations, Inland Enforcement Officers and others. There have been problems recently with management revoking flexible working arrangements and compressed work weeks. We tabled proposals to better protect these scheduling arrangements against management making unilateral changes. 

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February 5, 2016