FAQ about our PA group tentative agreement

When will we vote on the deal?

Hundreds of ratification meetings, which include information sessions, will take place across the country from march 1st  until April 13, 2017.

The dates and locations of ratification meetings are posted on PSAC’s regional websites, which will be updated regularly:

When will the deal come into effect?

If a majority of members vote “yes” in the ratification vote, PSAC will meet with the employer to sign your new collective agreement. With the exception of wages, which are retroactive, the new negotiated provisions come into effect on date of signing, unless otherwise specified.

Who will get back pay (retroactive pay) for the negotiated economic increases?

The new collective agreement is retroactive to June 21, 2014, expiring June 20, 2018. This means that you are entitled to back pay for the period of time you were employed and a PA member from June 21, 2014.

When can I expect the employer to pay the retroactive pay?

The employer has 150 days from the date of signing to implement the provisions of the new collective agreement, including adjusting rates of pay and issuing retroactive pay.

Who will get the signing bonus?

As part of your economic package for this tentative agreement, a $650 signing bonus will be given to any employee who is a member of the PA bargaining unit on the date of signing of the new agreement. The employer has 150 days after the date of signing to pay the bonus.

If I retired recently or left the PA bargaining unit, will I get the signing bonus?

Unfortunately, no. The signing bonus is only given to members of the unit who are employed in the PA bargaining unit on the date of signing.

If I am eligible for either the Compensation Advisor Allowance or the Correctional Service Specific Duty Allowance, will the increase be retroactive?

Increases to allowances are not retroactive. The employer has 150 days after the date of signing to implement the changes and issue payment of the allowances. 



January 17, 2017