Fall fiscal update falls short for Canadians

The Trudeau government’s Fall fiscal update fails to address the growing child care crisis in Canada and lacks new investments in quality public services.

The increase to the Canada Child Benefit does not go far enough to help Canadian parents who need better child care options. Creating a universal, affordable, quality child care system is the best way to help families struggling with rising child care fees.

Cash payments to parents do not address the growing child care crisis in Canada. The federal government needs to invest in making child care services more readily accessible and provide enough child care spaces for every family that needs one.

Universal child care needed

The Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada have long argued that families across Canada have diverse needs that include adequate income, good jobs and family time.

PSAC and the CCAAC have called for a package of policies including universal, high quality child care, equitable parental leave and other family policies in addition to well-designed child benefits. 

“There is a great need for affordable, inclusive, high-quality child care across the country, and PSAC has heard this time and time again from our members,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President.  “Simply giving cash payments through the Canada Child Benefit does not go far enough to address the child care needs of Canadians.”

Reinvest in public services

PSAC is also disappointed that the Liberal government did not take this opportunity to reinvest in much-needed public services.

The deep cuts made by the Harper government to Canada’s public services were devastating to the services Canadians depend on. During the 2015 election, Justin Trudeau said he valued public services and that he would treat the people who deliver those services with respect.

It is now two years into Prime Minister Trudeau’s mandate. While some improvements have been made, we have yet to see a full restoration of support for Canada’s federal public service.

In order to consistently deliver the high-quality public services that Canadians deserve, the federal government needs a stable, permanent workforce with adequate resources to do the job. Privatization, contracting out and a reliance on workers in precarious jobs means lower quality services and higher costs to Canadians.

October 24, 2017