EB Joint Committee holds its first meeting on rates of pay for 12 month teachers

Wednesday, November 1, the Joint Committee on rates of pay for ED-EST (12 months) held its first meeting. The Memorandum of Understanding found in Appendix N of our new collective agreement describes the mandate of this committee, which is comprised of union and employer representatives.

Discussions with respect to rates of pay for teachers have been ongoing for the past 13 years. A memorandum of understanding on the topic was first negotiated in the EB collective agreement that expired June 30, 2007, with the goal being to compare the rates of pay of our members with those working for provincial school boards.

During that round of bargaining, 10-month teachers at INAC also negotiated to have a pay study done. A memorandum of settlement was signed March 15, 2005 to implement the new rates of pay, which were increased at that time by 8% in Ontario and 10% in Alberta (the two provinces where members work).

A pay study on the rates for 12 month teachers was completed in 2011 and it revealed that 12 month teachers lag behind their comparators by an average of 29%. Treasury Board and PSAC were not able to agree on how to address the wage gap. However, the parties did agree at the end of the last bargaining round to work together to establish a national rate of pay for 12 month teachers.

Today’s initial meeting marks the beginning of that work. The parties agreed to look at appropriate ways to harmonize the current rates of pay into one wage grid that reflects the rates for all 12 month teachers across the country. Then we have proposed examining how to ensure those rates are fair in comparison with other teachers.

The work of Joint Committee is critical in informing the upcoming round of collective bargaining. The committee will propose appropriate wage adjustments that result from our research and analysis to be considered by the parties in negotiations.

We are in the process of setting further meeting dates and we will keep you informed. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

PSAC's committee members are as follows:

Erin Sirett, Negotiator (co-chair)
Shawn Vincent, Research Officer
Michel St Armour – Mission Institution (Mission, BC)
Arliss Chute Ibsen – Bowden Institution (Innisfail, AB)
Doug Mason – Joyceville Penitentiary (Kingston, ON)
Yorgo Yumukoglu – Laval Federal Training Centre (Laval, QC)
Rod Crowe – Springhill Institution (Springhill, NS)



November 7, 2017