EB bargaining team demands improvement in workplace health and safety, access to child care and implementation of pay study recommendations

Our EB bargaining team met with the employer three times this week, where we tabled proposals on health and safety and child care.

Addressing harm

PSAC is proposing that the government implement the recommendations contained in the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, drafted by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The proposal highlights the need for union and management to work together to identify what may be psychologically harmful in the workplace, and implement practices that support and promote good mental health.

PSAC’s proposal also addresses the changes made by C-4 legislation that removed or weakened significant sections of the Canada Labour Code, including the definition of danger, the right to refuse dangerous work, and the right to investigations and inspections.

Child Care

PSAC is calling on the government to provide better support for its employees with young children. Affordable and accessible child care remains a pressing concern for many working families.

Our child care demand proposes the development of solutions to workplace child care, such as reversing the policy shift towards charging rent to child care centres in federal government buildings, as well as identifying other accessible community options and making these solutions available to workers.

Pay study

We also demanded that the employer finally implement the recommendations of the pay study and pay the market adjustment that our members deserve. We cannot accept the employer’s demand to delete language related to this study. We also told the employer to follow the recommendations that we submitted in June 2014 and to eliminate pay zones. We will continue to push this issue at the table and all the way to the adjudication level.

Class size

We sought clarification with respect to class size and related issues such as:

  • The student to teacher ratio
  • Functioning of class sizes committees’ structure
  • Roles of committee members
  • Definition of aggregate in our school system

Work year and hours of work for ED-LAT sub-group

We gave a presentation to the employer on our interpretation of the Teplinsky decision and its application to the hours of work. We will discuss this issue further at the next session of bargaining in March.

We urge you to participate in the upcoming information sessions in your region given by members of the bargaining teams. We will provide more details on our web site and through the PSAC regional offices. Visit psacunion.ca/eb for updates as negotiations progress. 



January 16, 2015