EB bargaining: more of the same from employer

Canadians elected a new government that promised respect and improved relationships with public service workers. We have yet to see evidence of this at the EB table.

Our team has submitted a few more proposals reserved from the previous bargaining sessions and amended others to reflect the discussions at the table.

We will not trade away sick leave

Treasury Board negotiators tabled a proposal similar to that of the previous Conservative government, that would replace our existing sick leave. It takes away existing rights and leaves members worse off. The proposed short term disability plan would fall outside of the collective agreement and allow the government to make unilateral changes any time.

We remain open to improvements on sick leave but we will not negotiate concessions or agree to any proposal that forces members to choose between losing pay or going to work sick.

Fair bargaining and Bill C4

We are pleased to see the government move to repeal Bill C59 (division 20), but there is still another unfair labour law on the books: the unconstitutional changes to labour laws governing the collective bargaining process under C4 remain a key issue. 

Class size-Appendix D

We are still discussing numerous points, but we are presenting a proposal that reflects the current reality of the workplace and addresses many issues that are relevant to our members.

Pay study

The employer prefers to discuss the pay study only when we get to monetary proposals. Our bargaining team will ensure that our recommendations on the pay study are heard and acknowledged. After more than a decade of receiving unfair treatment, it is time to resolve this issue once and for all.

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February 5, 2016