EB bargaining: employer refuses to engage

Our EB bargaining team met with the employer three times over the past week, with discussions centering on outstanding proposals. Despite optimism about “sunny ways” and promises of respect for federal public service workers, we see no evidence that the Liberal government is willing to resolve major problems for our members at the EB table. 

We were again frustrated by the lack of progress at the bargaining table on key issues, including rates of pay, hours of work and allowances.

Despite our willingness to have substantive discussions on our wage proposal, the employer stuck to their position of only a 0.5 per cent general economic increase. They also remained unwilling to engage, acknowledge or resolve the longstanding need for fair market adjustments.

End of the road

Given that our employer is unwilling to make any significant movement on our demands, we have unfortunately reached the end of the road. We cannot set any further bargaining dates when Treasury Board is not taking members’ priorities seriously.

In the coming weeks we will be ramping up mobilization and we will keep you posted on next steps.

Stay informed and get involved

We will continue to keep you informed throughout the bargaining process and will let you of what’s to come:

  • Continue to visit psacunion.ca/eb, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Talk to your colleagues about the need to protect our work contract, benefits and protections
  • Participate in any upcoming information sessions in your region

Help us keep the pressure on the employer and fight back against concessions!



September 16, 2016