Departmental Responsibilities

Departments and Organizations must:

  • ensure equitable treatment and every reasonable opportunity for you to continue your career as a public service worker (1.1.1)
  • carry out effective human resource planning to minimize the impact of workforce adjustment situations (1.1.2)
  • apply the Workforce Adjustment appendix to keep actual involuntary lay-offs to a minimum. (1.1.14)
  • review the use of private temporary agency personnel, consultants, contractors, term employees and all other non-indeterminate employees, and where practicable shall refrain from re-engaging them when it will facilitate the appointment of surplus or laid off persons. (1.1.27)
  • advise and consult with representatives from the PSAC as completely as possible after a decision has been made and throughout the process. (1.1.11)
  • provide the PSAC with the name and work location of affected employees. (1.1.11)
  • establish joint work force adjustment committees, with equal representation from the union and employer (1.1.3)
  • advise you in writing about your status and any change in it (1.1.13, Definitions)
  • determine whether to provide you with a reasonable job offer or alternatively access to the options set out in section 6.3 of the WFAA (1.1.9)
  • provide you with a guarantee of a reasonable job offer where they know or can predict employment in the Core Public Administration (1.1.7)
  • appoint as many of you and your co-workers within the department as possible or identify existing alternate or anticipated alternate positions for retraining (1.1.17)
  • shall relocate you if necessary (1.1.18) if you are willing to relocate (1.1.19) in cases where it can't guarantee areasonable job offer extend the three (3) options outlined in Part VI and give you 120 days to choose which of the three you feel is best for you. (1.1.8)
  • establish systems to facilitate the redeployment orretraining of departmental employees involved in a work force adjustment (1.1.5)
  • ensure that a training plan is prepared and agreed to in writing by you, your department and organization and a possible new employing department or organization, if it will facilitate redeployment. (1.1.35)
  • assign a counselor to each opting, surplus and laid off person (1.1.15)
  • inform and counsel affected and surplus employees as early and completely as possible (1.1.34) including explanations and assistance concerning:
    • how the current WFA situation will effect you
    • the WFAA in general,
    • how the PSC's priority information works
    • preparing your resume and preparation for interviews with potential employers
    • your rights and obligations
    • information benefit, pay and years of service entitlements
    • available alternatives
    • the meaning of a reasonable job offer, surplus priority and the consequences of refusing a reasonable job offer
  • where applicable set up an alternation process within the department (6.2.1)
  • send written notice to the Public Service Commission about your surplus statusincluding details, forms, resumes and other material requested by the Commission (1.1.10)
  • give the Public Service Commission a statement that it is prepared to appoint you, if you are a surplus employee, to a suitable position commensurate with your qualifications if such a position is available (1.1.12)
  • advise the Public Service Commission in a timely way about what they have subsequently done to resolve your job status since they intitially notified the Public Service Commission about their strategy to help you.. (1.1.26)
  • must cooperate with the PSC and other departments in joint efforts to redeploy you when you are surplused or laid-off. (1.1.4)
  • must review the status of each affected employee annually, or earlier from the initial date when you were notified that you were affected, and review whether the affected status will be maintained (1.1.38) and notify you of their decision (1.1.39)

Other departments and organizations besides your own have obligations in respect to theWorkforce Adjustment appendix. .

  • They must cooperate with your department and the PSC to accept, to the extent possible, affected, surplus and laid off employees from your department for appointment or retraining (1.1.30)
  • Where applicable All departments or organizations must participate in the alternationprocess (6.2.1)



September 17, 2013