Dental Care Plan (DCP) and Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan (PDSP)

In general, coverage under the Dental Care Plan (DCP) ceases upon the date of termination of employment. However, in cases where certain types of dental treatment (e.g. root canal) began prior to the date of termination, DCP coverage will continue only if such treatment is to be completed within 31 calendar days of termination of employment.

Eligibility to participate in the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan is available upon commencement of an annuity or annual allowance pursuant to the PSSA as a result of retirement from a federal department or specified federal agency/entity. 

Eligible participants enroll in the PDSP through the completion and submission of a prescribed application form to Sun Life Financial. The application for enrollment must be received by Sun Life Financial within 60 days of the effective date of a superannuation entitlement. Otherwise, enrollment at a later date will not be permitted in accordance with the terms of the PDSP. However, application for enrollment can be deferred, if the eligible party provides proof of coverage under another dental plan or has Veterans’ Coverage. In these latter cases, eligibility to participate in the PDSP is permitted upon receipt of a prescribed application form no later than 60 days following termination of coverage under the other dental plan or Veterans’ Coverage.

The required PDSP employee premiums can be deducted directly from a participant’s monthly superannuation benefit cheque. Please note that in Ontario and Québec, PDSP premiums are subject to provincial sales tax. In addition, for residents of Québec, the portion of the PDSP premium paid by contributions from the Government of Canada is a taxable benefit and is subject to Québec income tax.

Details on the premium rates for various categories of coverage along with enrollment information and plan summary can be obtained by contacting Sun Life Financial at the telephone number or website address provided immediately above.

December 10, 2015