CRA Bargaining: CRA and Treasury Board believe we deserve less

Since our contract with CRA expired in 2012, the government has agreed to economic improvements for tens of thousands of fellow public service employees, improvements that greatly exceed what we've been offered. For example:

  • CBSA: an additional $1250.00 annual, on-going allowance for the FB group worth an average of 1.8% increase, plus a $500.00 lump sum payout.  
  • EG: an additional 1.5% increase for the EG classification, which represents more than 60% of the TC bargaining unit.
  • CX: an additional on-going annual allowance of $1750/year.
  • LA: a wage grid restructuring worth an additional 10%.
  • EC: a new wage increment worth 3.45% at the top of the pay grid, applicable to all employees in the bargaining unit.
  • FI: an increase in vacation entitlement and the rolling in of transitional allowance into salary.
  • FS: an additional, new wage increment worth 4.0% for FS1 and FS2 and further increase via wage grid restructuring for the FS3 level.
  • PA: (which CRA insists that we be compared to) a new wage increment in 2011 worth 5.5% for WP-4’s and an additional Retention Allowance for AS-2’s (Compensation Advisors) worth $2,000 a year.
  • Other groups: for many other groups, the government agreed to the rolling in of terminable allowances, meaning an increase in pensionable wages.

In fact, even our own employer - CRA - reached a settlement in 2012 for the AFS group that included various grid restructuring giving additional pay increases ranging from 1.2% to 8.8% over and above the general wage increases. These adjustments covered over 4000 AFS members.

These are but a few examples. The Commissioner failed to mention any of this in his communication to us. What’s more, while it’s true that they have tabled one week’s vacation for all employees, it is a one-time benefit and not an on-going increase to our annual leave. And at present our current severance entitlement is continuing to accrue. It would not under CRA’s offer.

We deserve better. We call on the government and CRA to finally bargain compensation with us.




May 25, 2015