Court order says government must work with unions to fix Phoenix

As a result of legal action from PSAC and 12 other unions representing federal government employees, the Liberal government must work with the unions to resolve the Phoenix debacle

The court order requiring the government to fix Phoenix, and help employees who have faced hardships because of the pay system’s failures, is now available online.

What it means for public service workers

The government is now obliged to provide better access to help for people on disability, maternity, and parental leave. It also requires them to maintain the staffing resources necessary to resolve the on-going pay problems.

This means the government must act and work with the unions to find concrete solutions to fix Phoenix.

The Court case is still on-going

We will continue to fight for justice. PSAC and the other unions will head back into court if the government does not work with us to fix the problems caused by Phoenix.

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January 20, 2017