Conservatives are in Scheer denial on Phoenix

PSAC is stunned by the Conservative Party’s recently released election platform, which makes no mention of the Phoenix pay crisis — a disaster that was initiated by the Conservatives themselves when they last held power.  

The 100-page platform document makes no mention of any plan for: 

  • fixing or replacing the Phoenix pay system; 

  • negotiating fair compensation for over 140,000 PSAC members who have been impacted by Phoenix for almost four years; and 

  • ensuring enough compensation advisors are hired to address the pay backlog as well as ongoing pay issues. 

The Conservatives conceived of the plan to replace the old pay system and oversaw the design and development of the flawed Phoenix pay system. They also laid off more than 800 highly skilled and knowledgeable compensation advisors before the new pay system was even launched. This meant that when pay problems with Phoenix emerged, the community of pay specialists was not there to resolve them. 

Instead of owning his party’s record and seizing the opportunity to present a path forward to addressing the Phoenix pay crisis, Scheer is pretending that the crisis doesn’t even exist and that his party had nothing to do with it.  

Moreover, rather than proposing to ensure adequate staffing to resolve the Phoenix crisis, Scheer has proposed a hiring freeze and public service job cuts.               

Well over 200,000 public service workers have been affected by Phoenix and the current transaction backlog has stalled since June, still standing at about 230,000. Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Budget Officer warned earlier this year that public service workers will have to endure the Phoenix pay system until at least 2023

Check out PSAC’s 2019 Elections page for more analysis. 

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October 17, 2019