Checklist for writing good convention resolutions

A good resolution...

  • uses clear simple wording;
  • is concise and focused – respects the word limit (i.e. 150 words for the PSAC Convention)
  • deals with just one topic (problem) and has one major objective;
  • clearly identifies the problem;
  • specifically outlines the required action;
  • builds in accountability i.e. deadlines, who will be responsible for implementing the proposed action, what resources will be required;
  • ensures the action proposed is within the jurisdiction of the organization to implement;
  • isn’t something that is constitutionally dealt with in another way (i.e. bargaining demands)
  • allows for flexibility in implementation - it’s the end result that accounts;
  • is submitted on time (is not a late resolution);
  • isn’t about something that is already enacted;
  • applies the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY and HOW test.
September 2, 2014