Chechnya: Government persecution, torture and killing of gay men must stop

 The recent news from Chechnya is unacceptable and alarming.  

There are reports from the country that Chechen authorities have detained and tortured hundreds of gay men, three of whom have reportedly been killed.

The federal government has taken measures to ensure that sexual orientation and gender identity and expression are protected and respected in Canada.  It must also do so at the international level.  PSAC urges the Canadian government to condemn the Chechen government and put in place measures to provide immediate protection for LGBT refugees from Chechnya who are escaping the violence. 

We also encourage PSAC members to take action by:

We must all speak out against such horrendous crimes. Sexual orientation and gender identity and expression are fundamental human rights to be respected and upheld in Canada and around the world. These human rights abuses must not be tolerated and the Canadian government should take action immediately.


Robyn Benson, PSAC National President


April 25, 2017