Change is coming to federal elections

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised the 2015 election would be the last one under Canada’s outdated, unfair first-past-the-post electoral system. A special House of Commons committee is tasked with hearing from witnesses and making recommendations to the government by early December.

A new system with proportional representation would mean fairer elections

Canada’s labour movement has long supported reforming our country’s electoral system into one that is more democratic – where everyone’s vote is equal and effective. Adopting a system of proportional representation (PR) is the way to achieve the fairness all voters deserve. PSAC, the Canadian Labour Congress and other unions have joined with Fair Vote Canada and organizations from across the country to form the Every Voter Counts Alliance.

Have your say about electoral reform

Members of Parliament are holding town hall meetings in their ridings to find out what their constituents have to say about electoral reform. In addition to this website, notices of meetings may also appear on social media, in community newspapers or mail from MPs. If you are planning on participating in one of these meeting, the Every Voter Counts Alliance has answers to many of the questions you may have about electoral reform and proportional representation.

Ranked ballots or alternative voting is not proportional representation

Some people are proposing that ranked ballots or alternative voting is an option for electoral reform. It is important to understand that this by itself is not a voting system or a form of proportional representation. It is a way to vote that can be used under either a first-past-the-post or proportional voting system.

Adding ranked ballots to our current system will not solve any of the problems but will continue to lead to distorted election results. Our current system can reward a political party with a majority of seats and 100 per cent of the power in Parliament with only 42 per cent of the popular vote. Adding ranked ballots will not change that. 


September 14, 2016