CFIA reaches tentative agreement

tentative agreement between the Public Service Alliance Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been reached. The deal, covering more than 4,000 workers, includes a host of improvements to the collective agreement, and your bargaining team managed to remove all concessions from the table.

Many improvements to the collective agreement were achieved including:

  • A 1.25% economic increase for each year of a 4-year agreement expiring on December 31, 2018.

Further details of the tentative agreement will be released to the public following the ratification of the agreement. Members should check this site regularly for up to date news on their new collective agreement.

“I am incredibly proud of our negotiating team,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President. “It is through their strength and dedication, and the members supporting them, that we were able to prevent concessions to our sick leave and hours of work while gaining meaningful improvements for workers.”

“We feel confident presenting this deal to our membership,” she added.

CFIA members serving across Canada

CFIA workers perform a wide variety of jobs that safeguard the food that Canadians consume, as well as protecting the country’s plant and animal health resources through its inspection and regulatory programs. This unit falls under the Public Service Labour Relations Act.

Stay informed and get involved

Our bargaining team will keep you informed throughout this process.

To stay informed and get involved:

PSAC at CFIA – Stronger Together! 

Our bargaining team:

Eryn Butterfield    

Rick Cormier            

Richard Hilson                      

Terri Lee                   

Randy Olynyk        

Marlene O’Neil        

Jacques Rousseau            

Karen Zoller



November 10, 2017