CFIA Bargaining: Positive but Slow Progress Being Made

Our bargaining team met with the employer in Ottawa from September 19 to 22, 2017.

Although progress is slow, the parties worked hard this week on all outstanding issues at the table and agreed to focus on priority areas. We are encouraged by the fact that the Employer removed the serious concessions that had been previously tabled under “Agency Transformation / Building For the Future”.

At this session, our bargaining team tabled the MOU reached between PSAC and TBS on August 25th, 2017 regarding the incentives to Compensation Advisors. The team also tabled a revised proposal on a Joint Learning Program (JLP).

Next bargaining session

The next bargaining session will be held October 16th to 20th. Our bargaining team is more optimistic now that a negotiated settlement can be reached soon. We are committed to working hard on all outstanding issues and to reaching a renewal of the Collective Agreement that is fair and provides substantive gains to our hard working members across the country.

Stay informed and get involved

Our bargaining team will keep you informed throughout this process.

To stay informed and get involved:

Send us pictures from your workplace in support of the bargaining team to display at our next bargaining session.

PSAC at CFIA – Stronger Together! 

Our bargaining team:

Eryn Butterfield    

Rick Cormier            

Richard Hilson       

Bob Kingston                      

Terri Lee                   

Randy Olynyk        

Marlene O’Neil        

Jacques Rousseau            

Karen Zoller



September 25, 2017