CFIA Bargaining: Making strong progress

Our bargaining team met with the employer in Ottawa from October 16 to 20, 2017.

The parties had productive discussions on all outstanding issues. Although no agreement was reached this week, we remain optimistic that a negotiated settlement could be reached when we are back at the bargaining table November 6-10, 2017.

Your PSAC team remains committed to working hard on all outstanding issues and to reaching a renewal of the Collective Agreement that is fair and provides substantive gains to our hard-working members across the country. In the event that a settlement is not reached in November, the next step for us will be to file for conciliation where a third party Public Interest Commission (PIC) board appointed by the Minister of Labour will assist both sides.

More detailed information will be provided to the members after the next session in November.

Stay informed and get involved

Our bargaining team will keep you informed throughout this process.

To stay informed and get involved:

Send us pictures from your workplace in support of the bargaining team to display at our next bargaining session.

PSAC at CFIA – Stronger Together! 

Our bargaining team:

Eryn Butterfield    

Rick Cormier            

Richard Hilson                      

Terri Lee                   

Randy Olynyk        

Marlene O’Neil        

Jacques Rousseau            

Karen Zoller



October 23, 2017