CFIA Bargaining: Employer tables more concessions

Our CFIA bargaining team met with the employer on July 12-14 in Ottawa. The parties continued discussions on non-monetary proposals.

The employer made a presentation on their plans for “Agency Transformation”. This was followed by the tabling of a number of proposed changes to the collective agreement that will have serious implications on hours of works, shift schedules and associated overtime, premium pay and the NJC Travel Directive. While the parties will continue discussions on this and other items, rest assured that our union bargaining team is committed to making improvements to our collective agreement and rejects all forms of concessions that will compromise our rights and benefits.

Phoenix pay system

Our union bargaining team raised more concerns over the serious problems that continue to plague the Phoenix pay system. The Employer reported on what is being done at CFIA to fix these issues.

Unfortunately, as in the core public service, the extent of the problems with Phoenix are being downplayed. Members at CFIA who are still facing pay issues as a result of the new pay system should contact the employer at  Further information is available on the PWGSC  and PSAC websites.

Also, please note that members are entitled to access priority pay if they have not received their pay on time.

Please contact your union representative if your pay issues are not being rectified or addressed in a timely fashion..

More bargaining dates set

The parties will meet again on the following dates: October 4-6, November 7-9 and December 6-8, 2016. Stay informed: sign up for bargaining updates and make sure your membership information is up to date.

The PSAC Negotiator and your regional bargaining team members are continuing workplace visits across the country. Make sure you attend these important meetings.

Support our bargaining team

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Your bargaining team:

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July 20, 2016