CFIA agreement signed

The new CFIA collective agreement is finally in effect. It was formally signed by PSAC and the agency on October 8, 2014. CFIA now has up to 90 days to implement the changes to the collective agreement, including adjusting rates of pay and issuing retroactive pay.

Severance will continue to accumulate for one month after the date of signing. There is no timeline on when severance will be paid, but the employer has three months from the date of signing to notify the employees by letter of their severance entitlements.

In addition, CFIA  members have six months to decide whether to cash out all or part of accumulated severance pay or to leave it with Treasury Board until retirement or resignation. Members are encouraged to seek the advice of a financial adviser.

Please refer to PSAC’s questions and answers on severance for more information.

The CFIA bargaining team thanks all CFIA  members for your support and patience during this long and difficult round of bargaining.



October 14, 2014