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*** Strike votes suspended ***

As the number of reported cases of the coronavirus rise in Canada, it is important that PSAC take precautions and act proactively to safeguard the health and safety of our members, as well as the Canadian public.

In keeping with recommendations from both local and national health authorities, the union has made the difficult decision to suspend activities that would require a large gathering of members.

Strike votes in particular will be suspended until March 30,  and at that time the union will re-evaluate whether to continue the suspension or resume the strike votes. 

There are over 25,000 members in this bargaining unit, the second largest unit at the PSAC. Our members review and process tax returns, provide tax information services for the public, and intake the billions of dollars of government revenue collected by the CRA. They also run the offices, maintain the equipment and buildings, and carry out the administrative work of the CRA. The unit falls under the Public Service Labour Relations Act.

Employer bargaining proposals

This document represents bargaining proposals of the Canada Revenue Agency.

UTE/PSAC Bargaining & Wage proposals

This document represents bargaining proposals of the Public Service Alliance of Canada for this round of negotiations with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Strike votes have been suspended due to COVID-19
All you need to know about CRA strike votes

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