Canada Post discontinues sick leave provisions during rotating strikes

The Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Union of Postal Communications Employees (UPCE) National Executive is appalled to learn that Canada Post management has decided to discontinue sick leave provisions for Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) employees during rotating strikes, despite the majority of impacted employees remaining actively at work.

PSAC and UPCE vehemently oppose any company’s attempt to win a labour dispute by preying on workers when they are most vulnerable. Canada Post’s decision to not only deny its employees access to disability benefits, but to deny them of sick leave benefits while they are ill, injured, or disabled, is callous.

Canada Post argues that it has a legal right to provide only the minimum legislative requirements. Denying workers of sick leave provisions is a question of morality, not legality. This further emphasizes the need for enhancements to the minimum labour standards in all Canadian jurisdictions.

We thank all PSAC-UPCE members for their hard work during this difficult period!

We stand in solidarity with all CUPW workers as they fight for a collective agreement that meets the needs of their members. We are asking our members to observe a picket line protocol that has been reached between PSAC-UPCE and CUPW during rotating strikes.

For more information concerning CUPW negotiations, rotating strikes, and picket line protocol, visit the CUPW negotiations website.


October 31, 2018