Canada Post bargaining unit ratification kit

On November 26, 2017, after just a year of negotiations, our bargaining team finally reached a tentative agreement with CPC. Our bargaining team unanimously recommends ratification of our new agreement.


Economic Increases

The tentative agreement contains improvements to monetary compensation for members, as follows:

  • Effective September 1, 2016: 1.5%
  • Effective September 1, 2017: 1.5%
  • Effective September 1, 2018: 1.75%
  • Effective September 1, 2019: 1.8%

Salaries of Volume Counters:

Effective the date of signing of the Collective Agreement Salaries of Volume Counters shall be set at Step 2 of the A1 Classification in Appendix “AA”.

Detailed summary of the tentative agreement reached on November 26, 2017:

Article 2 – definitions

Added a definition under 2.01 (y) (iv) where term employees become indeterminate after working in the same position for a cumulative period of 3 years.

Article 9 – Information

Amended the language so that the Corporation will provide employee lists to the Union in electronic format, and will include vacant positions on the report being provided.

Article 24 – Seniority

Amended language so that when an employee moves out of the bargaining unit, they will cease to accumulate seniority after a period of six (6) months, in accordance with the existing Letter of Understanding between the parties.

The parties agreed to revised language defining a random process for breaking a tie in seniority.

Article 25 – Hours of Work

25.09: Hours of Work – FI Designation

Remove the provision that employees in the FI classification work only 36 ¼ hours per week. On a go forward basis, FI group members will have a 37 ½ hour work week.

Article 27 – Staffing

27.11 – Distribution of Lists

Amend the clause to provide lists to the Local on a quarterly basis.

27.14 – Position Occupancy Requirement

Amended language to address position occupancy in certain situations of promotion or appointment to permanent vacancies. It removes the 12 months’ exclusion for employees in these positions to be considered for any new position.

Article 28 – Job Security

The Employer moved away from the deep concessions they were asking for on Job Security and the parties agreed to revise the current language in this article where surplus employees will be required to accept assignments offered to them within 40 km; surplus employee who has been assigned to a vacant position one (1) level below their substantive position for a period of two (2) years, will be appointed to the position and will have their salary adjusted accordingly. Furthermore, an employee who has been surplus for two (2) years shall be given the option to either have their salary reduced to one (1) level below their substantive classification level, or to accept a departure incentive calculated based on years of service, with a minimum of 8 months’ salary. Existing surplus employees will be treated as though their positions were rendered surplus to requirements on the date of signing of this collective agreement.

The parties also agreed to form a joint committee to deal with outstanding surplus employees.

Article 31 – Pay Administration

The process to pay employees in arrears by the Corporation will be effective January 2019.

Acting Pay: Both parties agreed to include a Letter of Understating in the CA clarifying that no member who acts in a higher classification level will be paid less than one who acts in a lower classification level.

Article 37 – Post-Retirement Benefits

37.04 (Appendix F & Side Letter): changes provide for increased benefits to: Out of Country Coverage from $100,000 to $250,000; Major Dental Services from $1,500 to $2,000; Hearing Aids from $500 to $1,000. Further, the Dental Fee Guide will be updated to maintain the one-year lag. Changes also provide access to the Optional Life and Accident Insurance Program and the Optional Group Term Life Insurance Plan.

37.07: Members who retire on or after 3 months from date of signing of the tentative agreement will pay 50% of the contribution to the “Medical” portion of the EHCP and the Employer will pay the other 50%.

Article 38 – Leave in Circumstances of Domestic Violence

New language in Article 28 where both parties recognize that employees may experience incidents of domestic violence which could affect them in the workplace and to reinforce that employees can access their existing leaves in circumstances of domestic violence.

Article 40 – Vacation Leave for New Employees

Amend the language of Article 40 and Article 42 so that the entitlements to vacation and pre-retirement leave are based on the date of hire into the Corporation rather than the date that they joined the bargaining unit.

Article 42 – Other Leave With or Without Pay

Amend the article by moving the calendar for Personal Days from January 1 to December 31 to July 1 to June 30, with a transition period for this change to take place over the first six (6) months of 2019. Further, the maximum payout of unused Personal Days will be increased from 5 days to 7 days.

The also agreed to amendments to Maternity and Parental leave clauses as per legislative changes, such that the length of the waiting period referenced in the Maternity and Adoption provisions of the collective agreement is updated. The increased duration of Compassionate Care Leave is also updated.

42.02 – Bereavement Leave

Amend the definition of “Immediate Family” to include “grandparents of employee’s spouse”.

Article 43 – Short Term Disability

Language amended to include: a clarification for the selection of the independent occupational health specialist; a change to the process for submission of medical information from seven (7) to sixteen (16) days in length; The union will have an additional 30 days to respond once the entire case file has been received from the case manager and a change to the definition of “Hospitalization” to include reference to day surgery.

Appendix U has been moved to Article 43.

Article 52 – Registration Fees

The parties agreed to language that would expand the existing language of Article 52 to provide for reimbursement of applicable registration fees to all employees.

Appendix K – Corporate Team Incentive and Individual Performance Incentive

The Appendix was updated to reflect the current rating system being used since 2012

Appendix M – Service Expansion Innovation and Change Committee

Amendments to the Service Expansion Innovation and Change Committee (Appendix M) provisions will reduce the number of Working Committee representatives to one (1) for each party, and the frequency of the Steering Committee meetings to no less than quarterly.

Administrative changes were made to the following:

Appendix D – New Job Evaluation Plan

Appendix E – Standby

All references to “Appendix” will be amended to “Annex”.

Your Bargaining Team, comprising of:

Denise Tremblay
Brian Collins
Joey De Lafontaine
Jacqueline Gujarati
Andrea Rankin
François Paradis
Hassan Husseini (PSAC Negotiator)
Janson LaBond (PSAC Research Officer)

unanimously recommends acceptance of this tentative agreement.



December 22, 2017