Canada Post bargaining: Possibility of an early tentative agreement

Canada Post and PSAC-UPCE have agreed to enter into early negotiations to reach a new collective agreement before the current one expires in August 2020.

This is essentially a renewal of the current collective agreement, however each party will submit a “short list” of six non-contentious issues to be discussed at the negotiating table along with wage increases. The parties set January 15, 2020, to begin negotiations for a duration of no more than 20 days. This can be extended if the two parties mutually agree to it.

Any tentative agreement reached through this process of negotiations will still be subject to members ratifying the deal. The bargaining team from the last round of bargaining will be reactivated for this early process of negotiations.

It is important to note that this early process does not mean that the regular process of negotiations has been suspended. PSAC-UPCE will still proceed with a bargaining conference in March 2020, if the two parties do not reach an early tentative agreement. The members will be informed if an early tentative agreement is reached.



January 6, 2020