Border Services delegates united and ready for upcoming negotiations

FB Bargaining Conference

PSAC / CIU members working at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) held a Bargaining Conference in the National Capital Region, October 10 to 12, 2018, to prepare for upcoming negotiations for a new collective agreement. Border Services delegates from across the country are united and ready to fight for a fair collective agreement.

Delegates reviewed membership recommendations for contract improvements, discussed the bargaining process and developed mobilizing strategies for members in their regions and across Canada.

Delegates also elected the Border Services (FB) Bargaining Team, which will sit across from the employer throughout negotiations and fight for improvements to the current contract. The most recent four-year collective agreement with CBSA expired June 20, 2018.

The team will provide regular updates during the bargaining process. The full package of bargaining proposals will also be made available once it is presented to the employer.

We strongly encourage members to visit the FB bargaining webpagesign up to receive our e-News directly, and stay in touch with elected bargaining team members: 


Border Services (FB) Bargaining Team

Leanne Hugues, Border Services Officer, British Columbia

Claude Bouchard, Border Services Officer, Quebec

Frances Baroutoglou, Border Services Officer, Ontario

Jonathan Ross, Border Services Officer, Atlantic

Michael Aessie, Border Services Officer, Prairies

Mathew Ashworth, Border Services Officer, Ontario

Ken Turner, Border Services Officer, Ontario

Joey Dunphy, Border Services Officer, Atlantic

Charles Khoury, Senior Program Officer, National Capital Region

FB Bargaining Team


Mathieu Landry, Quebec

Murray Star, Ontario

Stewart Saunderson, Ontario

Tammy Firlotte, Atlantic

Jordan Smith, Ontario

Keith Palmer, British Columbia

Andrew Wiersema, Ontario

Emily Henry, Ontario

PSAC Research Officer

David-Alexandre Leblanc

PSAC Communications Officer

Jonathan Choquette

PSAC Negotiator

Morgan Gay






October 12, 2018