Alternation allows employees to exchange positions with non-affected indeterminate employees who wish to leave the Agency (6.2.1). This system is only available to opting employees, not to surplus or laid off employees. Once an opting employee has chosen an option, they have either resigned, been laid off or have become a surplus employee, thus, the system is also only available during the 120 day opting period.

Indeterminate employees wishing to leave the Agency can express an interest in alternating, but management has final approval of these exchanges (6.2.3). The alternationmust result in the permanent elimination of a function or position (6.2.4).

The opting employee must meet the requirements of the alternate position, including language requirements (6.2.5). Unless the employee wishing to leave will not be doing the work of the opting employee for more than five days, this employee must meet the requirements of the surplus position (6.2.5).

Alternation can take place between employees in the same group and level (6.2.6) and it can take place between equivalent positions (maximum rate for higher paid position is no more than six per cent higher than that of the lower position).

The exchange of positions must take place on the same date (6.2.7).




September 18, 2013