Affected Employees

You've received written notice from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) that your servicesmay no longer be required because of a work force adjustment situation (Definitions section). This means you are an affected employee.

Specific individuals, groups of workers or whole facilities can receive these notices.
It doesn't necessarily mean that your employment will end. This notice gives you a  “heads up” that there might be changes for you down the road.

The Agency is required to provide you with an individual counselor to help you assess your situation (1.1.29 - see Getting help and taking action! info sheet). If you believe it is likely you could ultimately face a lay off, you can take one of the following steps.

  • Request retraining from your employer to assist you in getting a deployment to existing or anticipated vacancies. The Agency is required to make every reasonable effort to provide retraining (4.1.1).

  • Request the CEO to give you surplus status or access to the rights provided to opting employees, if you can demonstrate your duties have already ceased to exist (1.1.9).

  • Do nothing and wait to see what happens if the CEO ultimately decides your services are no longer required (see the Guarantee of a reasonable job offer and No guarantee of a reasonable job offer info sheets).




September 18, 2013